In this cooperation between the painter Klaus Geigle and the graphic artist and illustrator Dirk Sandbaumhüter the two artist processed a couple of unfinished works of Klaus Geigle that have piled up in his stock-room during the last couple of years. Mostly uncoordinated the two put the canvases after every work-step in front of their atelier doors.
The result are some extraordinary works of partially large scale, in which Geigle's asphalt greyish, realistic visual world is confronted with Sandbaumhüter's bright spray paint colors and alien live forms.
It is obvious that the two artist have some fun with their spontaneous reactions. Again and again some anarchic jokes pop up; their mindlessness is fresh and put the spectator into good humour. This is pursued with the titles of the works - two artists that means two titles in the most cases, some of them are untranslatable unfortunately.