To mark the opening of the gallery, from the 17/11/2007 we are showing work from Klaus Geigle, Alexandra Medilanski and Angelika J. Trojnarski.

The painter Klaus Geigle's representational pictures revolve around one of paintings classical themes, transience. The source of Geigle's pictorial inspiration is for the most part his own surroundings, which he investigates through painting in series. In so doing, time and again his scenic large formats acquire a background humour, which encrypts a further interpretation into the chosen subject.

Sober casualness in the choice of motif can also be found in the painterly inclinations of the artist Alexandra Medilanski. She masters the painting challenges resulting from her subjects with great accomplishment, usually in one go. The works created in this way, which have a consistent handwriting throughout, reflect scenes which seem to have been borrowed from her private surroundings and play with the tension between closeness and distance.

With her most recent works Angelika J. Trojnarski comes close to scenes of nightmarish violence and destruction. Her painterly approach is characterised by her highly varied use of colour. With the unusual textual flow springing from within the series of pictures, she pulls the observer into her painterly point of view.

Vernissage November 17th, 2007: